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Amicus Search

The Right Placements in the Right Places.

Welcome to Amicus.

Since 2004, Amicus has placed attorneys in private law firms and in-house legal departments within the major Texas markets.  Our attorney recruiters come from distinguished careers in law, business and professional services, and have decades of experience representing a wide diversity of law firms, large and small, in recruiting highly skilled and credentialed partners and associates in strategically coveted practice areas.  We also routinely assist corporate legal departments in attracting experienced in-house counsel.

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3445 Executive Center Dr., Suite103
Austin, Texas 78731
Phone: 512.322.3217

12222 Merit Drive, Suite 1890
Dallas, Texas 75251
Phone: 214.220.1188

601 Sawyer Street, Suite 650
Houston, Texas 77007
Phone: 214.220.1188


Celebrating Over 15 Years of Excellence in Attorney Placement.

For Employers

Identifying, recruiting and placing someone with the combination of skill, reputation, and drive is a tall order and one that can tax the most patient and determined employer. As an attorney search firm, we relish the challenge and take pride in quickly understanding your expectations, conducting an intense, discreet search, and introducing to you only those candidates who perfectly match the search criteria.

For Candidates

Many of us were lawyers in our former lives and, as such, we appreciate and understand the challenges and opportunities experienced daily by our friends in the Bar. As attorney recruiters, our job is to listen to you, learn your objectives, and vigorously champion your strengths so that you have every advantage in realizing your goals.

We understand and respect your desire to keep your job search confidential. We take this responsibility most seriously and covenant that we will keep confidential all details and personal information which you share in furtherance of your search, and will never convey any information about you, or the fact of your job search, to anyone without your express consent.


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