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Many of us were lawyers in our former lives and, as such, we appreciate and understand the challenges and opportunities experienced daily by our friends in the Bar. As recruiters, our job is to listen to you, learn your objectives, and vigorously champion your strengths so that you have every advantage in realizing your goals.

Candidates who work with Amicus may expect:


We understand and respect your desire to keep your job search confidential. We take this responsibility most seriously and covenant that we will keep confidential all details and personal information which you share in furtherance of your search, and will never convey any information about you, or the fact of your job search, to anyone without your express consent.

Creative Options

We operate under the premise that you are seeking a substantial and material change from your current position. Thus, we are not in the apples-for-apples attorney placement game and will not recommend what is essentially a purely lateral move. Whether you are motivated by your own clients specific needs, billing rate flexibility, geographical and/or practice resources diversification, transition to in-house employment (or vice versa), or simply want to be paid more fairly, we will listen and introduce to you only those job options that clearly address your specific objectives.

Personal Service

We pride ourselves on our commitment to offering an unparalleled level of personal service to our candidates from the initial meeting through offer negotiation and resignation from current employers. In order to maximize your chances of obtaining the position you seek, we :

  • Spend substantial time with you at the first meeting (in person, of course) in order to learn as much as you are willing to share about yourself, your history, and your objectives, so that we can best advocate your candidacy.

  • Provide you with a candid assessment of both the market and of your options, as well as a calculated plan to help you achieve your stated objectives.

  • Prepare a balanced letter on your behalf to those employers whom you have authorized in which we champion your strengths for the particular position, and send you a copy via a personal email so that you know precisely what is being communicated about you

  • Prepare you for each interview by identifying those individuals whom you will meet and educating you as to the employers expectations.

  • Counsel you with respect to offers that are extended.

  • Advise you on the most diplomatic and effective means of tendering a resignation to your current employer.